The Gorgeous Weather in Benicia….Aaaahhh!


I just love living in this beautiful town an hour northeast of San Francisco.  It has all of the charm of being a Bay Area city but with the tranquility of a small town.  The weather here has been gorgeous all summer (except for a few HOT days here and there) which makes me appreciate living here that much more.  And the art… let’s talk about the ART!  On their own, the artists of this community are taking it upon themselves to expose visitors to much of what Benicia has to offer. More galleries are opening up and other venues are showing works by local artists.  This offers those that don’t know a chance to experience the city’s rich art history that have influenced many painters and sculpturists from around the world.  Robert Arneson and Manuel Neri both had studios here and have been featured artists in numerous museums and galleries.  It is an amazing place to be.

I have been very busy of late working on some new pieces for upcoming shows and venues that I’m exhibiting and selling work through.  I’ve teamed up with a friend of mine, Grace Teo, who also is an aspiring art curator, and we are placing some of my work (along with a few other artist friends) in various retail shops and restaurants.  It’s giving myself and other artists an opportunity to have their work seen outside the traditional gallery space.  As of this posting, my work is featured at two galleries, two restaurants, 2 medical practices, a law firm, and, shortly, a furniture store.  It’s great being able to share my love for making art with those that art enthusiasts.

Here are a few pieces I’ve completed recently.  One of the paintings (“The Chain”) was just accepted into a juried show at the Fremont Art Association’s 50th Annual Exhibition along with my painting “Grand Canyon”.  I’m pretty jazzed about this as it will give me some exposure in the South Bay and Silicon Valley.  The painting on the top (“Broken Ties”) was just featured in another juried show at the San Francisco Art Institute that ended a couple of weeks ago.  If you need more info on my upcoming shows or about my artwork, please email me at  KEEP ON PAINTING!!

Broken Ties (1275x1280) (2)

Broken Ties (30×30)

Litchfield (1015x1024)

“Litchfield” (36×36)

Passage To The Unknown (mod)

“Passage To The Unknown” (36×36)

The Chain (1277x1280)

“The Chain” (36×36)


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