20150305_09260420150305_092458Well… today is the day that history is written again for this wonderful gallery.  The Grand ReOpening reception is tonight and I’m SUPER EXCITED about this new venture.  I am involved with some of this hardest working, passionate artists the world has every know.  Among them is Nikki Basch-Davis.  This woman is not only an exceptional artist (painting and ceramics) but a real, as we say in yiddish, MENSCH!  She has dedicated so much time in making this gallery what it is and kept this large group of artists in check…which if you’ve ever had to corral individuals that are spread out everywhere you know how difficult THAT is!  The space looks amazing and people from all over are thrilled with the new digs!  The gallery was featured yesterday in the Benicia Herald with a nice write-up and pictures by Keri Luiz (a Benicia favorite).  AND! as a special bonus… Mike Kendall (another Benicia favorite) and Lisa Reinertson (ceramics artist extradornaire) are exhibiting a few pieces as part of our current exhibit.  So if you’re in the area this Saturday (for the Beer Crawl or just shopping and enjoying the sights) stop by the gallery and say “hi”.  We’ll have some nibbles and lemonade in case you’re hungry…and LOTS OF CONVERSATION!  Should be a full house tonight!



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