…and now for something on canvas

Happy Saturday Everyone!

So a few weeks ago I felt the urge to paint on some other surface aside from paper so I prepped a canvas and a wood panel.  Things (aside from painting) start to happen and, as usual, I get side-tracked and forget about the prepped sub-straits.  I had been playing with a couple of paper pieces that just weren’t going anywhere…well..let’s just say they were starting to look “mud” paintings.  I tried to think of ideas of what to do with them.  Then…IDEA!  I had a canvas all ready to go!  So I pulled it down, did some underpainting work and then decided it was time to walk away for a little bit.  It was just as well as I needed to get to my volunteering gig at Arts Benicia for a fundraiser I was helping with…which, by the way, enabled me to totally score a wonderful oil painting by artist extradornaire, Mark Eanes.

So feeling inspired to create, I came home and got to work again.  Some more brush strokes, some marks with ink, acrylic, and oil…and then…

goldenrod (963x1280)

Some things just work out well without too much effort…and total enjoyment!

Happy Painting!!


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