It’s Starting To Heat Up!

tover_3_wit and what not

“Wit and What Not” 36×36

June is here and the summer vacation is season is starting to ramp up.  Lots of local art exhibits and fairs are happening in around the Bay Area and California.  The local scene includes Open Studios in Oakland, CA the first two weekends of the month which is brought to us by Pro Arts.  This is a great way of meeting local artists and seeing their work.  Often times, you can get get some fabulous values on works created by these folks.  Richmond Art Center will be featuring their Annual Member’s Show and also a exhibition of works by Terry St. John.  These are also “must see” events to attend.  In Sacramento, Red Dot Gallery will be having a “duo” exhibit of artwork created by mother and son, Dijana and Laurence Harding.  I am heading up there this afternoon to see this show and hope to report back.  They are both accomplished artists and friends.

olives in my martini glass (30x30 mixed media on canvas) (1280x1278)

“Olives in My Martini Glass” 30×30

In July and August, I will have a solo exhibit at Linda Parry’s new gallery in Benicia.  I’m still working on a couple of pieces and will provide an update on the selections shortly.  I will also be a featured artist in a show in Palm Springs at the Local Color Gallery.  This is a wonderful space on E. Arenas in the downtown area and they feature lots of paintings, ceramics, and jewelry produced by artists living in the Coachella Valley area.

Last month I began exhibiting at Sarah Jessica Fine Arts in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  “P-town” is the oldest artist colony in the United States and has been home to many famous artists over the years including Hans Hoffman and Henry Hensche, and was and still is one of the premier exhibition destinations for abstract expressionists and plein air artists.  I am truly excited to be able to participate in this historic community.

More information to follow soon.  I’m wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable summer season and hope you make it a point to see some beautiful art on your travels.



Spring’s Arrival!

a view from the terrace (1280x1280)

“A View From The Terrace” 36×36 Mixed Media on Canvas

Sorry for the looonnng delay in posting new material but life has been a little hectic of late.  There have been several changes in my “art life” since the first of the year…and changes are always good.  First of all, I made the decision back in January to part with Gallery 621 due to basic exhaustion after a lot of duties I committed myself to in 2015.  The new year brought some clarity on what my focus needed to be and that was making art!  I have participated in a couple of shows since the beginning of the year and I have more scheduled throughout 2016.  The second item, is I will be exhibiting work in Southern California in the next few months.  I vacationed in Palm Springs back in February and found a new gallery there that I felt really good about and submitted work to be considered for an upcoming exhibit.  I will update my blog as soon as dates are secured.  This promises to be an exciting venture and pretty jazzed about the prospects.

Works will be shipped across the country shortly to Provincetown, Massachusetts to a gallery that will be representing my art.  This hopes to be another promising venture as Ptown is one of the oldest and busiest art communities in the country.  If you’ve never been there…GO!  It is a wonderful place to visit and full of rich history.  Everyone should make the trip at least once in their life.

I currently have paintings at the Jingletown Studios gallery in Oakland for their “Insight” exhibition.  4 artists have submitted work and it’s pretty amazing!  The show runs through April 8th.  In May, it will be Open Studios on May 7 and 8 in Benicia, CA.  I will be exhibiting lots of work there and welcome folks to come out to see this wonderful event.  It’s a great experience to be able to meet and talk to artists about their process and inspiration.  I will update my specific location shortly. will feature my work through social media channels on April 13th as part of their “Artist of the Day” series.  I have a number of pieces available to purchase on the site as well.

In the meantime, please check out your local art galleries and help support this great community.  If you have any questions about my work please feel free to email me at

Be safe and Happy Painting!!

December Open Studios!!

bleu (original) 1000

“Bleu” by Jeffrey Tover

Every year on the first weekend of December, the artists who have created work in the Benicia Arsenal throw a big party to show off their latest creations and talk about their “process” with visitors and enthusiasts.  This will be my fourth year participating in this event and it is one of my favorites!  It’s a great time because you get to talk to people about what truly inspires you about making art and the technical aspects of creating these visual beauties.  It’s also a wonderful time to reconnect with friends and share ideas.  This year I will be exhibiting some new work that I’ve done in recent months along with some older pieces…paintings and works on paper.  I love to talk about my process with those inquisitive minds and get feedback on what people experience when looking at my work.  It truly is the joy of being an artist…making that connection!  I will be showing at IanI Studios (991 Jackson St., Benicia, CA) along with Diane Williams, Chuck Potter, Stephanie Gray, and Cherry Moore…all EXCEPTIONAL artists!!  For more info on the Open Studios event you can visit Mike Kendall’s web page with a listing of studio addresses HERE.  To see more of my work you can visit my page on SaatchiArt and on Mesart or you can email me at  KEEP PAINTING!!

Brrr…It’s Chilly Out There! But BUSY!!!

shadow of a doubt 800

So the air is getting a little chilly as the winter begins to awaken our realities that cold weather, hot chocolate mornings, and Christmas decor are right around the corner.  Lots of wonderful things have been happening and continue throughout the next few months for me.  I just finished participating in a wonderful Abstract Show at the American Steel Studio’s gallery which was very exciting for me.  I exhibited with some of the best Bay Area abstract artists around, some of whom I have followed for a couple of years.  It was a real treat to participate with them in this spectacular event.  My kudos to Henry Reikana for putting this show together which was more like a museum than a gallery.  I also had a piece in Robert Ray’s Abstract show at the Transmission Gallery down the street on West Grand in Oakland.

This coming week, I will have about 3 paintings installed at Manos Nouveau restaurant in San Francisco.  This is a wonderful place to eat and the food is fantastic!  They also are very supportive of the arts and plan on continually rotate artwork from local Bay Area artists throughout the year.  I also have about 8 works at Berenice Salon on Union Street in San Francisco which is another fabulous place to visit if you get the chance.  They do wonderful work there and will always keep you looking good.

In the near future, my incredible manager, Grace Teo, and I will be working on another BIG venture in San Francisco which Red Ribbon Rumor 600the details of that will be coming shortly.  December is Open Studios in Benicia so if you come to visit the Arsenal on December 5th or 6th, please stop by IANI Studios at 991 Jackson St. and see my work along with the beautiful paintings of Diane Williams and Chuck Potter.  Lots of great work in the Arsenal to see that weekend!

Come back soon to check for updates or you can email me at


Fall is almost here…time for some new ART!!

"Prairie Dog I"

“Prairie Dog I”

While I love the summer with all of the daylight and cool evenings to enjoy, the heat can sometimes be a little oppressive.  That’s why I embrace the fall upon it’s glorious arrival!  The days are cooler and it’s easier to sleep at night…as I already have enough problems with that!  It also is the time where the art season kind of begins again and artists get ready for holiday sales and shows.  I have several things going on myself over the next few months that I’m pretty jazzed about.  First, I will be having 2 paintings in the Fremont Art Association’s Annual Art Show coming up next week thru October 19th.  Also, in October, I will have my “Prairie Dog I” piece in an abstract show at the Transmission Gallery in Oakland, CA.  This is a show that is being curated by the fabulous Robert-Jean Ray.  This guy is a fantastic artist and curator.  The man truly amazes me with his talent.

In November, I will be one of the featured artists showing work at a new Latin-French fusion restaurant in San Francisco called “Manos Nouveau” in the Castro district.  This restaurant has enjoyed rave reviews from foodies and food critics alike and I’m thrilled to be able to show my work there.  The items on their menu look amazing and I can’t wait to try them.

"In These Dreams"

“In These Dreams”

I’ve began a series of new paintings working with mixed media opposed to straight acrylic.  These are inspired by the famous artists Cy Twombly and Willem De Kooning who I’ve long admired for their briliant sense of color and line.  These are a slight departure from my more textured pieces but it’s always a great idea to expand your talents in other directions.  This gives me the opportunity to use oil pastels, inks, charcoal, along with other mediums to create work.  Very experimental and fun!  So far, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the pieces I’ve done.  To the right is an example of one I’ve recently finished called “In These Dreams”.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about any of my artwork, please contact me at

Enjoy the rest of the summer and KEEP ON PAINTING!!

The Gorgeous Weather in Benicia….Aaaahhh!


I just love living in this beautiful town an hour northeast of San Francisco.  It has all of the charm of being a Bay Area city but with the tranquility of a small town.  The weather here has been gorgeous all summer (except for a few HOT days here and there) which makes me appreciate living here that much more.  And the art… let’s talk about the ART!  On their own, the artists of this community are taking it upon themselves to expose visitors to much of what Benicia has to offer. More galleries are opening up and other venues are showing works by local artists.  This offers those that don’t know a chance to experience the city’s rich art history that have influenced many painters and sculpturists from around the world.  Robert Arneson and Manuel Neri both had studios here and have been featured artists in numerous museums and galleries.  It is an amazing place to be.

I have been very busy of late working on some new pieces for upcoming shows and venues that I’m exhibiting and selling work through.  I’ve teamed up with a friend of mine, Grace Teo, who also is an aspiring art curator, and we are placing some of my work (along with a few other artist friends) in various retail shops and restaurants.  It’s giving myself and other artists an opportunity to have their work seen outside the traditional gallery space.  As of this posting, my work is featured at two galleries, two restaurants, 2 medical practices, a law firm, and, shortly, a furniture store.  It’s great being able to share my love for making art with those that art enthusiasts.

Here are a few pieces I’ve completed recently.  One of the paintings (“The Chain”) was just accepted into a juried show at the Fremont Art Association’s 50th Annual Exhibition along with my painting “Grand Canyon”.  I’m pretty jazzed about this as it will give me some exposure in the South Bay and Silicon Valley.  The painting on the top (“Broken Ties”) was just featured in another juried show at the San Francisco Art Institute that ended a couple of weeks ago.  If you need more info on my upcoming shows or about my artwork, please email me at  KEEP ON PAINTING!!

Broken Ties (1275x1280) (2)

Broken Ties (30×30)

Litchfield (1015x1024)

“Litchfield” (36×36)

Passage To The Unknown (mod)

“Passage To The Unknown” (36×36)

The Chain (1277x1280)

“The Chain” (36×36)

Summer is Here!!

bigblackcircle (1500) (1280x1277)Sorry for the long abscence but things have been very busy for me lately and now taking a few minutes to update you all on what’s going on.  First of all, Open Studios was a great success this year!  I sold 7 pieces AND secured placement of a collection of works in a law firm in San Francisco.  I am super excited about this venture as it is the market I hope to be able to tap into.  “Big Black Circle” (pictured to the left) is one of the pieces that was selected.

I’ve also begun taking an art course from the wonderful Glenn Hirsch at the San Francisco Art Institure…which happens to be the former teaching home of such artistic greats as Richard Diebenkorn and Manuel Neri.  Such a rich history at this school and possibly one of the most beautiful campuses in the Bay Area.  I am looking forward to where this part of my artistic development takes me!

More to come soon!